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The last thing anyone wants is for a backflow to occur while working on a project, on the job or at home. The RP-500 Backflow Preventer is designed to offer the most proection against this occuring, preventing chemicals or other pollutants into your potable water system. The RP-500 is approved by the leading Standards Authorities worldwide, is UV resistant, and possesses a reduced Pressure Zone to provide additionaal protection. With an operating pressure up to 150 psi and a maximum operating tempterature of  44°C, the RP-500 is optimal for any installation that needs protection from backflow.

The DC-500 protects against any backflow caused by negative or opposite pressure. The DC-500 is recommended when the degree of pollution does not impose the use of the RP-500. It is approved by the leading Standards Authorities worldwide, does not require any product-specific tools, and is UV resistant. The DC-500 has anoperating pressure up to 150 psi and a maximum operating temperature of 44°C, and it can be used any any system requiring protection from backflow.